Research achievements

Based on the Institute’s achievements it has been awarded the  category A level (very  good) from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.
The results achieved by the Institute confirm the effectiveness of its actions and  efficient use of its resources, in the  undertakings and tasks, in accordance with the needs of the economy. The award also demonstrates that the Institute  has maintained its high position amongst research units of acknowledged abilities in the field of advanced electronic technologies and ICT systems.
The Tele and Radio Research Institute's performance on a yearly basis of tens of  studies within its statutory  activities,  research  projects, European and international projects, special purpose and development projects as well as grants is a measurable and effective result of the aforementioned actions.
The prevalence and effectiveness of the undertaken actions is confirmed by,  for example, the Institute obtaining funds for the performance of EU structural projects financed within the scope of operational programs.

Every year the Institute executes a number of major innovative contracts within the scope of practical applications for individual clients pertaining to the development and delivery of production line, equipment and subassembly prototypes.
Publications in peer-reviewed national and international journals, monographs, organized conferences and a large number of patents are a measure of the Institute's scientific achievements, placing it ahead of all other Polish scientific units.
The results of the Institute's  achievements are  recognized widely on the  internationally,  having received numerous awards, distinctions and medals  at prestigious invention exhibitions (Concours-Lepine, Brussels Innova, SIFF Seoul, Archimedes)