Quality Policy

For many years, the ITR has been offering innovative design and IT solutions to meet customer needs and demands.  In order to meet the requirements set by the market, quality should always be a primary aim at every stage of the company’s activity. At the Tele and Radio Research Institute, there’s the firm belief that continuous quality monitoring and improvement is the key to success in both scientific research and marketing. The implementation, maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System is the consequence of this policy. The conformity of this system with PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 was confirmed by Quality System Certificate No PL - J - 1595/8/2018 issued by PCBC and IQNet.

The mission of the ITR is to create new solutions in electronic technologies and IT systems and to transform them into innovations for customers interested in the manufacturing of modern, competitive products.

The ITR is widely recognised as a Research Institute that is competent in the fields of electronic technologies and IT systems and performs key tasks in the national and European innovation system.

The main aim of the ITR is to create a mechanism of operation for research units and their cooperation with business entities which will support our strategic objectives to:

The management of the ITR provides the necessary resources and declares that all employees are highly committed to achieving the planned goals.