Industry 4.0 Vacuum

Vacuum technologies 

The Institute’s interdisciplinary research in vacuum-related activities currently  focusses on vacuum chamber testing, electron beam technologies, vacuum process instrumentation, vacuum furnaces and industrial applications of vacuum.

Currently, the main research area covers  vacuum applications in circuit breaker, disconnector and contactor extinguishing vacuum chambers. An essential feature of extinguishing vacuum chambers is the possibility to use a vacuum as an internal insulator with high voltage strength. Vacuum technologies developed by the Institute and used in extinguishing chambers ensure that electric arcs are completely isolated from the environment and no decomposition products of arc extinguishing media are generated.

Owing to the Institute’s long experience in vacuum technologies and industrial automation, it can execute projects pertaining to:

Electron beam technologies 

The Institute uses state-of-the-art equipment generating electron beams with appropriate shape, power density and energy that may force beams to make specific movements. Moreover, the Institute can carry out works related to modern control and diagnostic methods, including remote diagnostics with artificial intelligence elements.

The equipment enables  effective performance of the Institute’s current tasks with respect to electron beam technologies, the development of these technologies and successful competition with foreign entities. In particular, the Institute can: