Industry 4.0 Ultrasonic technologies

The Tele and Radio Research Institute has been examining ultrasonic phenomena since the 1970s.  In recent years, research activities were based on the use of ultrasonic technologies in welding, cutting, cleaning and maceration processes and equipment for Industry 4.0.   Thanks to the Institute’s experience and competence, a series of industrial technologies and equipment utilising ultrasonic waves have been developed. Research work included for example:

Ultrasonic systems developed by the Institute have been used by leading manufacturers of heating systems (Tweetop Sp. z o.o.), building profiles (Vicplast) and zinc-air batteries and cells (LubaCell Sp. z o.o.).

Advanced, new ultrasonic systems for Industry 4.0 are completely worked out and performed by the Institute using state-of-the-art 3D modelling techniques and FEM numerical analyses. The solutions incorporated in the aforementioned systems are protected with various patents and have received awards at international trade fairs (Innova Barcelona 2017).